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2018.2.21 [uesupoototenisu] Auto tennis member, reward card campaign
2018.2.21 [hall for rent] H30.2.21 equipped with smoking room
2018.1.30 [bowling] February degree itinerary
2018.1.28 "gorufuuesupo" February, event calendar issuance☆
2018.1.19 [Nishijin palace basement parking area] Guidance of charge change
2018.1.18 [bowling] News of business hours change
2018.1.17 "Nishijin palace dome" air machine introduction event
2018.1.16 "gorufuuesupo" renewal campaign
2017.12.24 We turned into "gorufuuesupo" LED light☆
2017.12.24 "gorufuuesupo" new air machine introduction!