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2017.4.15 News of short course night game business postponement
2017.4.15 [bowling] Beginner bowling lesson is held
2017.4.1 [bowling] The 30th Asahi-Ryokuken Co., Ltd. cup contact health bowling meet holding
2017.3.26 [bowling] It is meeting plan of April
2017.3.20 Dunlop golf school enrollment fee for free campaign
2017.3.15 enitaimufittonesusenta Nishijin store 4/27 opening
2017.3.3 [bowling] The eleventh kai*ken bowling meet holding
2017.2.25 [bowling] March schedule
2017.2.24 [bowling] We hold youth lesson
2017.2.22 nimokachaji machine, point switchboard setting (gorufuuesupo, Nishijin golf center)