Even if even fine weather is rainy, it is cloudy. It is enjoyment life at any time!

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2019.1.18 [Nishijin palace dome] News of temporary suspension of business
2019.1.15 [bowling] It became easy to spend puck rate
2018.12.26 [bowling] Beginner bowling classroom opening of a course
2018.12.21 [gorufuuesupo] News of the year-end and New Year business hours☆
2018.12.18 [bowling] News of January schedule
2018.12.18 Guidance of the year-end and New Year business
2018.12.12 [bowling] Sunday, December 23 is event day?
2018.11.30 [bowling] December meeting itinerary
2018.11.30 [bowling] We were introduced
2018.11.21 [bowling] The 16th kai*ken bowling meet (apple meeting)