[bowling] New house shoes introduction! [New]

We renew house shoes.

Design renovates color, too!
It is available from Wednesday, November 1.
In addition, payment method changes, too!
It is OK as ever even if we do not prepare small change. You can pay the difference with bowling game charges.
Simple method that borrows, and only pushes button of shoes machine of each size for rent on request.

Shoes more than 14.0-22.0cm and 28.0cm as before

Please order to the front staff.
Let's attain high score in new shoes!

Excuse me, but, on new shoes introduction, we change shoes price for rent to 370 yen (tax-included) than 310 yen from November 1.

In addition, about reservation in group, we apply to group applied for after November 1 today after October 17.

Thank you for your understanding.