[bowling] The next student puck "is all!"

We start "puck targeting at students of visit together" every day after 20:00.

Please pay "3,500 yen in advance for 10 games" with one set of 4-10.

For example, when we throw with "3, 3, 2, 2 games" each when we throw in four people

Student puck being applied only as for two.

This; when is "puck together"; "350 yen per 1 game" same as puck use time all the members

When we do not terminate in 10 games, it is all right. Additional charge "1 game 350 yen"

Even if the number of the games to throw this out to in group is different, it is rate glad of all.

"We share" and do and play bowling at night!

(※ shoes charges for rent are necessary separately)

The details pack with this ⇒ all