[bowling] The 32nd Asahi-Ryokuken Co., Ltd. cup holding

Annual "Asahi-Ryokuken Co., Ltd. cup contact health bowling meeting" is the 32nd at this time.

We hold for start, 3 game 1,100 yen at 9:30 on Tuesday, April 17.

As this meeting is meeting (European plan) without lane lottery

Throw is possible in lane same as friend acquaintance.

Let's enjoy with congenial friend.

As for the man, there is no age limit in woman 50 years old or older.

There is Asahi-Ryokuken Co., Ltd.-like green soup for free sampling society & spot sale society this time, too.

Early application!

Poster is this ⇒ 32nd Asahi-Ryokuken Co., Ltd. cup