For the whole July 3 typhoon approach, it is news of suspension of business today

Thank you for always using Nishitetsu Kogyo, each shop.

Because they are during July 3 typhoon approach today, the following stores are closed.

Nishijin palace bowl, Nishijin palace hall, Nishijin palace dome

Each Nishijin golf center and golf partner Nishijin, gorufuuesupo store and gorufupatonauesupo

Golf partner Jonan, golf partner Onojo, golf partner Kasuya

※The use is used to enitaimu Nishijin, enitaimu Hirao, enitaimu Chihaya, enitaimu Meinohama, but the staff is absent.

Thank you for your understanding.

※In addition, business on July 4 opens sequentially as soon as security is secured and is ready.