[bowling] October degree meet schedule

It is meeting itinerary of Nishijin palace bowl October degree.

"Precious Time" where is held for guest in Provo ura every time for nine days on Tuesday for women

In Part 1, 10:00, Part 2 is two copies of constitution of 13:30.

It is P by weekdays holding ☆Leaguer guest is very few opportunity!

We wait for your participation!

"Halloween bowling meeting" every year annual for 20 days on Saturday at 16:00

Person whom person making costume play does not work as, please participate together.

We can monopolize 1 box (2 lanes) when we propose with one set of three people when it is 1 lane, six people one set.

Halloween plays bowling!

It is Clik! in this ⇒2018.10 meeting itinerary