[bowling] Precious Time held decision

Precious Time which holds Provo ura for women to guest

October is P ☆"Professional player Yui Kawasaki" of outstanding performance is guest in league.

Chance when there is not very weekday P leaguer visit! Work that one, one closed by chance are not so, please participate by all means from the weekend and the evening.

Part 1 10:00, Part 2 starts at 13:30 on Tuesday, October 9

It is 3 game 2,500 yen (member of meeting price of friend).

(in American plan in throw, the one that there is not of subscribing 2,800 yen)

Furthermore, with 3 game box professional player moving Kawasaki, we can throw 1 game together

"The box strict promise right" entrance fee +300 yen (12 people the first in each time)

As is first-come-first-served basis; early!

Poster is ⇒ Precious Time Yui Kawasaki Pro