[bowling] Sunday, December 23 is event day?

We hold two events on Sunday on 23rd.

10:00 youth bowling lesson

We are given lessons in happily targeting at primary and secondary students by the basics of bowling!

Nonprofit foundation Japan Professional Bowling Association authorization first grade instructor is in charge.

Youth classroom is youth classroom click ⇒ 2018 in this in winter


19:00 Christmas moonlight bowling

Only pin deck (place where pin stands) turns on light.

Meanwhile, how is unusual bowling?

We prepare Christmas cake for prize and wait for your participation.

There is discount if we register with one set of three people in advance.

Moonlight bowling is click ⇒ 2018 Christmas in this

[bowling] December meeting itinerary

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

It is meeting itinerary of December.

"*kendaikai" (apple meeting) and "Christmas moonlight meeting" that you are waiting impatiently for

And we hold "youth bowling lesson" for "marathon event".

Everybody, please participate.

Itinerary is click ⇒ 2018.12 meeting itinerary in this

※There was error in table. We apologize for, and correct.

It is until "⇒ 4th Friday especially until Thursday, January 3" during business period.

[study hall] Absent news

Study hall, individual treatment space stops by event holding in the following schedule.

Study hall ... from Friday, November 2 to Sunday, November 4

Individual space ... 10/22 Monday, 10/23 Tuesday Sunday, October 28

From Thursday, November 1 to Sunday, November 4

We cause trouble.

※Contract on a monthly-fixed amount study hall is open as usual. (vacant seat 4)

[bowling] Precious Time held decision

Precious Time which holds Provo ura for women to guest

October is P ☆"Professional player Yui Kawasaki" of outstanding performance is guest in league.

Chance when there is not very weekday P leaguer visit! Work that one, one closed by chance are not so, please participate by all means from the weekend and the evening.

Part 1 10:00, Part 2 starts at 13:30 on Tuesday, October 9

It is 3 game 2,500 yen (member of meeting price of friend).

(in American plan in throw, the one that there is not of subscribing 2,800 yen)

Furthermore, with 3 game box professional player moving Kawasaki, we can throw 1 game together

"The box strict promise right" entrance fee +300 yen (12 people the first in each time)

As is first-come-first-served basis; early!

Poster is ⇒ Precious Time Yui Kawasaki Pro

[bowling] October degree meet schedule

It is meeting itinerary of Nishijin palace bowl October degree.

"Precious Time" where is held for guest in Provo ura every time for nine days on Tuesday for women

In Part 1, 10:00, Part 2 is two copies of constitution of 13:30.

It is P by weekdays holding ☆Leaguer guest is very few opportunity!

We wait for your participation!

"Halloween bowling meeting" every year annual for 20 days on Saturday at 16:00

Person whom person making costume play does not work as, please participate together.

We can monopolize 1 box (2 lanes) when we propose with one set of three people when it is 1 lane, six people one set.

Halloween plays bowling!

It is Clik! in this ⇒2018.10 meeting itinerary