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How many things are there basement parking area for? ? [all Nishijin palace stores]

100 yen parking basement parking area includes 85 parking space now.
There is parking lot in the backside (the north side) of Nishijin palace, but this becomes contract on a monthly-fixed amount, and contractor is for exclusive use.
Have the wrong; please be careful that there is not.
In addition, as it is just 100 yen parking, and Nishijin palace is not for exclusive use,
In the case of no vacancies, we would appreciate your forgiving.

How free is bicycle parking lot? [all Nishijin palace stores]

It varies according to places (A Zone B Zone) parking their bicycle a little, but is basically free from bicycle parking for two hours.
If it is bicycle, from bicycle parking to four hours, as for 100 yen, the mobilette, 200 yen, large motorcycle are 300 yen.
After that, as for the bicycle, the above rate is added to motorcycle each every six hours for four hours.

What should reservation of bowling party do? ?
[palace hall palace bowl]

As you mind with bowling alley, neither hall for rent, you come directly, or please call.
We use both of bowling alley and hall for rent, but there is not need to ask both, and to do.
We confirm both space situation here and deal.
In addition, I would like early reservation as we heard reservation to point for up to one year.

Child throws, are there shoes of size to fit child? [palace bowl]

Shoes for rent prepare to 15cm - 30cm.
In addition, even as for lane without light ball and gutter (groove) for exclusive use of child, the small child that ball is not thrown again,
As there is tool which we can easily roll, family can enjoy bowling all together.