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Batted ball ground Turn at bat Course

Introduction of lesson pro

・BRIDGESTONE golf academy authorization instructor

Instructor Adachi introduction video

Instructor Hitomi introduction video


Business hours, rate

Business hours

Batted ball ground 24 hours (closed for shukyu until from 4:30 to 6:00)
3F turn at bat from 8:00 to 21:50 (the 20:00 reception desk end)
Short course (the summer) From 6:00 to 18:00 (the 18:00 reception desk end)
(the winter season) Until 7:00 - sunset (the from 15:30 to 16:00 reception desk end)
Regular holiday Year round



The public Senior, student, the youth Member
Attack practice field Ball charges
1F 500 yen /63 ball
2F 500 yen /65 ball
Free to beat on 2F weekdays (weekdays from 6:00 to 17:00 ※ last reception desk 15:30) 1,540 yen /120 share 1,100 yen /120 share 1,030 yen /120 share
Approach practice field 520 yen /30 share 380 yen /30 share 310 yen /30 share
Short course

We are free to turn around on weekdays

Soil Sundays and holidays

Round system
(one round of 9 hall)

 Weekday 2,800 yen

Soil Sundays and holidays: First round 2,600 yen addition round 1,200 yen


Weekday 2,400 yen

Soil Sundays and holidays: First round 2,100 yen addition round 1,100 yen



Weekday 2,200 yen

Soil Sundays and holidays: First round 2,000 yen addition round 1,000 yen



  • ※In the case of reception desk, please show thing which can prove age.
  • ※We should prohibit attendant, companion to one performed round of regardless of rate.
  • ※Please order impaired to reception desk. We consider.
The public Senior, student, the youth Member
3F turn at bat
(free to beat for 120 minutes)
1,490 yen 1,050 yen 980 yen
  • ※Rate becomes turn at bat unit.
  • ※It is available to two people.
  • ※Less than junior high student need companion of protector.
  • ※We include protector in one person.

Other rates

Club set rental (six) 520 yen
Shoes rental 310 yen
Locker (1st) 210 yen
Driver for rent 310 yen
Club for rent 210 yen

Competition discount

It is less than ... 15 more than ten people Pull of 200 yen per person

Attack practice field which is extensive in real short course of 9 halls, and is clean. It is during recruitment of very attractive members!


Guidance of facility

We do not perform night game business of short course.

Short course introduction

  • Course whole view

    Course whole view

  • HOLE No. 1

    HOLE No. 1
180 yards of PAR3

It is to watch out in big tree and bunker before the right hand. Club choice that Wind from the sea calculated is necessary.

115 yards of PAR3

It is flat hall, but bunker before the left hand works. Club choice wants to be valid carefully when we exceed green as it becomes difficult.

147 yards of PAR3
It is to watch out in bunker before the right hand. Hall where recovery shot holds the key as Wind is strong, and green is fast.
40 yards of PAR3
It is the shortest hall, but is hard to catch apartness. Difficult hall which exceeds green when we lose in the depths from Green Center.
89 yards of PAR3
Hall which it is hard to put when there are right and left and three back bunker and excludes Green. Place where we want to arrest Green surely.
152 yards of PAR3
There is bunker in green this side and depths and must not be short even if long. Hall which becomes point that sense of distance is important.
99 yards of PAR3
As it is hard to approach when we exceed green, we want to attack from this side by shortish club choice. Hall which the setting sun is beautiful in the evening, and is attractive.
138 yards of PAR3 right and left have deep bunker of chin, and Cup bunker waits in the depths. Hall which we want to attack for directional serious consideration.

68 yards of PAR3
In addition to two steps of green, there is bunker from side to side. Important hall to divide the light and shade of game into. We are careful about pin positions.


Open feeling preeminence! The third-floor turn at bat

3F turn at bat appearance excellent at open feeling! It is full of privileges only for 3F turn at bat, too!
You can beat under sky at ease in extensive space!

Turn at bat is easy area for two at bats♪
We are free to beat for 120 minutes ♪ (there is not extension)
We can use one at bats to two people ♪ (less than junior high student need companion of protector. We include protector in one person)
Rate is advantageous ♪ (please see lower part list of charges)

  • ※For security, please refrain from entrance in more than three people.
  • ※Please show thing which can identify age such as student identification card, driver's license at reception desk.
  • ※In the case of cancellation by rain, StormWind on the way, we do not refund rate.

Guidance of recruitment of members

In gorufuuesupo, privilege of rate discount is recruiting received annual members.

Annual convention costs 5,000 yen
Period Occasional acceptance (one year update)
Enrollment method Please fill out application at the front desk.

We present five pieces of ball tickets (for 2.500 yen equivalency) to one enrolled in.



Guidance of BRIDGESTONE golf academy rate

Instructor Adachi introduction video

Instructor Hitomi introduction video

It is during enrollment fee (5,400 yen) free of charge campaign conduct.

Enrollment fee 5,400 yen
(we arrive during campaign now free)
Moon fee 8,100 yen
Text charges 4,320 yen
1 lesson One piece of ticket
※It includes ball charges, turn at bat charges
Ten pieces of tickets 12,960 yen
22 pieces of tickets 25,920 yen
  • ※Please bring enrollment fee, text charges, first moon fee, ticket charges, bank account number / report mark at the time of the enrollment.
  • ※Moon fee (8,100 yen) from the enrollment next month becomes bank transfer.
  • ※There is preparation at one, school which do not have club.


Guidance of trial lesson

One set of twice 2,592 yen

(one set of limit per person) (it includes turn at bat, ball charges)  

・We have you attend two times of schools founding a school, and what is school actually? ? We have you experience this. It is system having you experience atmosphere, instruction method of affinity, school with instructor by practice as well as words in twice in viewpoint of customer.

We heard reservation ... reservation over the front desk, telephone. You choose the convenient date and time from the following lesson calendar, and apply.

  • ※Trial lesson of the first first, please finish acceptance 30 minutes before lesson start.
  • ※We prepare at one, school which do not have club.


BRIDGESTONE academy official site


Lesson timetable

H30 eight a year month

We click calendar ← Coco in BSGA August☆ 

We click news ← Coco in BSGA August☆


Guidance of shop

Golf partner west port uesupo shop
We come in used club zenhinshida.
We do help in search of club which the staff is easy to hit.
Find club where is good to oneself,
Please enjoy beginning golf life to one's heart's content from now on.


Business hours

  • From 10:00 to 21:00

Contact information

  • TEL: 093-591-5215
  • FAX: 093-582-0867

Golf partner homepage

West port gorufuuesupo official site is this place




15-24, Nishiminatomachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL: 093-582-6133 FAX: 093-582-0867
Is car than Urban Expressway Route 2 Hiagari interchange; three minutes